Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last Sunday Sermon, September 21 -- Commentary on Same Sex "Marriage", Communion and Tolerance

This homily was given as a commentary on a very sad situation in Lewistown, MT in which two Catholic men (one of whom is an "ex"-priest) have entered into a gay civil union. The pastor of the parish has informed them that they are not permitted to receive communion on account of the fact that they persist in manifest grave sin. The bishop (His Excellency, The Most Reverend Michael Warfel) has supported the priest and stated that the men cannot receive communion.

The secular papers and many secular people (including some name-only Catholics) have blasted the Bishop, the priest, and the Church for holding to the doctrine of Christ.

Summary of the Sermon: "Who is intolerant of whom? If two men want to enter into a civil union, there are any number of churches where they can go to receive communion, why must the world insist that the Catholic Church give them Communion. Have we not the right to govern the administration of our own sacramental life?"

Listen online [here]!


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