Monday, October 19, 2020

Sunday Sermon, October 18th - Unethical Vaccines and COVID19 (Father Ryan Erlenbush, Corpus Christi)

 Did you know that many vaccines we put into our children are developed from aborted babies? The rubella portion of the MMR vaccine was developed through recruiting at least 99 abortions. 

Are Catholics permitted to use these unethical vaccines? There is a great deal of misinformation and incomplete presentation of the actual Vatican teaching on this issue - even EWTN often misrepresents the Vatican's teaching. Parents are NEVER obligated to use tainted vaccines. It is only morally acceptable to use these vaccines when there is no other option reasonably available, we are working to get the pharmaceutical companies to develop ethical versions of the vaccines, and there is a disease which poses as significant health risk to the children or to society. Finally, the use of tainted vaccines is only permitted on a temporary basis.

If the the COVID19 vaccine is developed from the unethical aborted cell lines (as seems likely), there is serious concern of whether such a vaccine would be legitimate for the typical person to use it. 

For more information, see Children of God for Life [here]!  

[Children of God for Life worked with the Vatican Council for Life in the development of the official Vatican teaching on tainted vaccines - when people criticized Children of God for Life as being "right wingers" or "anti-vaxers", the Vatican defended them as a solid and faithful group.]

For handouts on which vaccines are tainted, see [here]!

Listen [here]!



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