Saturday, April 18, 2020

Sunday Sermon, April 19th -- St Thomas the Apostle (Sermons during Coronavirus Pandemic, Father Ryan Erlenbush, Corpus Christi)

[Pre-sermon note on the Divine Mercy Sunday promise and indulgence.]

Thomas is often thought of as the “doubter” – but there is so much more to him!  Indeed, as the Church Father’s remind us, we have gained more from the doubts of Thomas than from the faith of the other Apostles!

When Lazarus had died – Thomas was ready to go back with Jesus to Bethany, even tho it was close to Jerusalem and likely that the Jewish rulers would try to kill our Lord.  “Let us go to die with him also”

Thomas is called Didymus, which means “The Twin”. Didymus is the Greek version of the Hebrew name “Thomas”.  Perhaps he had a twin brother?  Maybe.  But perhaps a deeper meaning—He became like a “Twin” of Christ Jesus, mirroring so closely our Lord as to be a sort of “Twin” or “Second Christ” in is work as an apostle.  

But he is most known for his doubts regarding our Lord’s resurrection – the Gospel we hear on Divine Mercy Sunday.  He did doubt, but by his doubt we gained a greater proof of the resurrection.  His finger touched our Lord’s wounds – and proved to us the Jesus is Risen!

Thomas is also a great patron for Eucharistic Devotion. For we often say “My Lord and My God” at the elevation of the Eucharist.