For Priests and Seminarians

Priests must be united in Christ

The New Theological Movement blog was created with the particular intention of being useful for the theological formation of priests and seminarians. While we do hope that the articles are accessible to all people of faith, there are certain articles which really are written mostly for the benefit of those called to the priesthood of Jesus Christ.

On this page – “For priests and seminarians” – we will collect links to those articles from NTM which we hope to be of the greatest benefit to priests and seminarians. These articles will focus primarily upon themes touching upon the administration of the sacraments and other aspects of priestly life.

The articles will be listed according to themes, and some articles will be listed under multiple themes. This page will be updated as new articles are written.

Why only water can be used for this sacrament - Because water washes, baptism forgives sins [here]
On the primary minister of this sacrament, who is Christ himself – What John did not know about Jesus [here]
On the three forms of baptism: Blood, desire, and water – The Holy Innocents received the most excellent form of baptism [here]
On the simple and absolute necessity of this sacrament – St. Francis Xavier, on the necessity of baptism for salvation [here]

The necessity of this sacrament – How necessary is confirmation? [here]

The Most Holy Eucharist

The Mass
The use of black vestment at Mass – Why black must come back (in the liturgy) [here]
On concelebration (a theological defense from St. Thomas Aquinas) – Holy Thursday: The first concelebrated Mass [here]
On celebrating the Mass with devotion – St. Joseph teaches priests how to offer the Mass [here]
If there is an error in the words of consecration - What if the priest misspeaks the words of consecration? [here]

Instructions for the penitent – How to make a good confession [here]

Anointing of the Sick
This sacrament is only given in danger of death  Anointing of the Sick is called the sacrament of the dying [here] 
Only the sick can receive this sacrament – When should I receive anointing of the sick; or How sick is sick? [here]
When surgery may occasion this sacrament – Should anointing of the sick be given before surgery? [here]
Only priests can confer this sacrament  Why can't deacons confer Anointing of the Sick [here]
Young children can’t receive this sacrament – Why can’t young children receive anointing of the sick? [here]

Holy Order

Matrimony and family life
Natural family planning is not contraceptive – Natural Family Planning with a “contraceptive mentality”? [here]
On media and family life – Mass media and the duty of parents [here]

Spiritual direction
The importance of spiritual direction – Is spiritual direction really for everybody? [here]
Parish priests must be experts in the spiritual life - Parish priests need to make the time for spiritual direction [here]
If there is no possibility of spiritual direction – When you cannot find a spiritual director [here]

Preaching about contraception – Someone should have told Mother Teresa... [here]
Additionally, there is the Thomistic Scripture Commentary series [here] which contains dogmatic reflections on the Sunday readings (usually posted on either Friday or Saturday morning).


Zevlag said...

This is good! Thank you Father!

Papa Puttss said...

I used to follow you but back then the sire was more intellectual than ministerial and it served me more than I can afford to be served, left brained that I am!
I like your decision to present yourselves under this new aspect. It is more ministerially oriented with a spot for us intellectually curious "nerds." Good job.
You have won me back, especially without the pseudonyms. The martyrs didn't die under pseudonyms, did they?
Peace and joy to you all.

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