Sunday, November 27, 2011

New page, new links - your comments?

The “Ask Father Ryan” page is back up and running [here], after the comment box for the page had been out of service for over a month. It seems that there were too many back-logged comments, hence (from now on) I will occasionally go through and delete all the comments so that we can start fresh.
Additionally, I have added a page “For Priests and Seminarians” [here] which contains links to articles from the New Theological Movement which relate particularly to the life and ministry of priests.
There are several new sets of links along the right sidebar – here I have placed links to the two Catholic blogosphere centers that I check on occasion, The Pulpit and New Advent. Additionally, I have added links to the blogs that I read from time to time – certainly, there are many other good Catholic blogs out there, but these are the ones which I personally read and enjoy.
Finally, if you have any comments regarding the layout of New Theological Movement blog, please do let me know (leave a comment to this post, even anonymously). Is the NTM blog easy to use? Are there too many links, or not enough? How well does the page load on your browser? What could Fr. Martin and I do to make NTM better (on the level of design and format)?
Blessings to all for a holy Advent! +


Petrus Augustinus said...

Please don't change the format; especially not to the template it was changed to a couple of weeks ago. This works perfectly. Though the idea of changing the top pic is great! Otherwise I love the blog, I read every new post, keep up the good work!

I have you Father, in my prayers.

Petrus Augustinus,
a Traditionalist Catholic, baptised this year as an adult, from Budapest, Hungary.

Veronica said...

I agree with Petrus, Father, and I am glad that you have resurrected the "Ask Father Ryan" page, as I wondered why it disappeared!

Truthfully, Father, coming here is a respite after perusing all the other nonsense on the internet. All anyone does is fight each other...coming here is like walking into a library...years and years ago, when they were still quiet places!!

God bless you, Father Ryan! I pray for you each and every day!


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