Monday, May 21, 2018

Sunday Sermon, May 20 -- Docility to the Holy Spirit (Father Ryan Erlenbush, Corpus Christi)

At Pentecost, the Apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit. We see how the great saints were perfectly docile to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. St Philip Neri is an example of a man who followed the Spirit's promptings and lived in an intimate communion with the Holy Spirit.

How can we be more docile to the movements of the Holy Spirit in our lives?
1) Have a great reverence, love, and devotion to the sacraments - especially Baptism and Confession.
2) Daily reading of Sacred Scripture, with the saints as our guides to interpretation.
3) Devotion to the saints, reading the lives of the saints.
4) Obedience and respect for the Pope and all that the popes have taught through the ages.

Listen online [here]!


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