Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Sermon, August 19 -- The Eucharist, Replies to Protestant Objections (Father Ryan Erlenbush, Corpus Christi)

Replies to typical Protestant objections against the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist:

1) Jesus says, "The words I speak are spirit and life" - but this does not mean that they are merely metaphorical or symbolic.
2) There is only one body of Jesus, and it is in heaven - but this same body is present in a new way in the Sacrament.
3) It would be cannibalism to eat human flesh - but when we receive the Eucharist we are received into Christ, for this is not ordinary food.

The real problem is that those who do not believe in the Eucharist lack faith - and we need to pray for their conversion.

In the Holy Eucharist, Jesus gives us himself even in his humanity to be our companion and friend until the end of time.

Listen online [here]!


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