Thursday, May 23, 2019

Sunday Sermon, May 19 -- The New Heavens and the New Earth (Father Ryan Erlenbush, Sunday Sermon)

What does St John the Evangelist mean when, in the book of Revelation (aka Apocalypse) he speaks of the "former" heavens and "former" earth passing away, and the coming of the "new" heavens and "new" earth?

Following St Thomas Aquinas and the best of Catholic commentaries as well as the insights given from other passages of Scripture, we give the best explanation of the Sacred Page.

The "heavens" does not refer to heavenly glory enjoyed by the angels and saints, but to the stars and planets of the universe. Thus, "the heavens and the earth" means all that is in the physical universe.  The "new heavens and new earth" are not some entirely new creation made out of nothing, but rather the renewal of the "old" to make it "new" - hence, Jesus says, "Behold, I make all things new."

This renewal of the heavens and the earth is similar to what is brought about in the resurrection of the body, which is why we consider this mystery during the Easter season. As the corruptible body is raised glorious, so also this material world is transformed and made glorious on the last day.

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