Monday, October 7, 2019

Sunday Sermon, September 29 -- The Prophetic Books of the Old Testament (Father Ryan Erlenbush)

Though the third of the minor prophets, the book of the prophet Amos was the first prophetic book written. In this sermon, we give an overview of the prophetic books of the Old Testament together with some basic advice about how to read the prophets (and especially the minor prophets).

It is important to know whether the prophet is speaking to the Northern Kingdom (Israel) or Southern Kingdom (Judah), and also to know during what time period the prophet was sent. There are three major historical moments which we must keep in mind: The Assyrian invasion of the North (c.730 BC), the Babylonian invasion of the South (c.600 BC) and the return of the People after the Babylonian Captivity (c.530 BC).

Listen online [here]!


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