Saturday, March 21, 2020

Plenary Indulgences More Available Than Ever, During Time of Pandemic

The Vatican has issued a new decree which allows us to gain a daily plenary indulgence even in this time in which most are not able to receive Holy Communion or (in some places) make confession! The Vatican has been so generous, and there are new (and very easy) ways of gaining a daily plenary indulgence!

You gain a plenary indulgence by any of the following:

1) Making a visit to the Blessed Sacrament or time in Adoration (no length is specified, generally understood to be 30 minutes)
2) Reading Scripture for 30 minutes (anywhere)
3) Praying 5 decades of the Rosary (anywhere)
4) The Way of the Cross (apparently even outside of a church, anywhere)
5) Praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet (anywhere)

Offering this prayer for an end to the epidemic, relief for those afflicted, and eternal rest for those who have died.
With the intention of making confession and receiving communion when it is possible.
And praying for the intentions of the Holy Father (Our Father, Hail Mary).
Being in the state of grace (remember, a perfect act of contrition will suffice, even if you are in a place where confessions have been suspended), and having no attachment to sin.


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