Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sunday Sermon, July 26th -- The Glorious St Ann, Grandmother of God (Father Ryan Erlenbush - Corpus Christi Parish)

"Those he foreknew he also predestined"

If it is true that God prepares the way for his grace in each of our lives and in the history of salvation, how much more true is this of the circumstances immediately tied to his Incarnation.  Although St Ann and Joachim (the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary) are not part of the very mystery of the Incarnation itself, the way that St Joseph and Mary are, they are tied to that great fulfillment of the birth of the Messiah in a unique way from among all the saints.

We consider the history of St Ann, who was childless for some 20 years before conceiving the Immaculate Conception and becoming the mother of the Mother of God. St Ann and St Joachim are special patrons for those married couples who are childless or who suffer difficult pregnancies or miscarriage, they are also great patrons for all parents and likewise for grandparents.

Special acts of devotion to St Ann are a mini-novena of Hail Mary's said nine times in honor of the nine months between Mary's conception and her birth, as well as dedicating Tuesdays to St Ann. St Ann is the best of all grandmothers, and Jesus was the best of all grandsons. Imagine the tender devotion, reverence and love which our Lord has for St Ann! Surely, she will be a most powerful intercessor in all our needs!

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