Friday, September 25, 2020

Adult Faith Formation, September 24th, Flannery O'Connor, Session 2 - Revelation, and Why Do the Heathen Rage?

In this course, we are reading and discussing some of Fr Ryan's favorite stories from Flannery O'Connor.

This week, we consider "Revelation" and "Why do the Heathen Rage?" -- we prepare also for next week's stories, "Temple of the Holy Ghost" and "The Enduring Chill"

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Flannery O’Connor

Session 2: Revelation, and Why Do the Heathen Rage?

“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.”


September 24th – Revelation, and Why Do the Heathen Rage?

October 1st – Temple of the Holy Ghost, and The Enduring Chill

October 8th – Good Country People, and Enoch and the Gorilla

October 15th – A Good Man Is Hard to Find, and Letters and Essays

October 22nd – A View of the Woods, and The River

October 29th – The Artificial Nigger, and Wildcat

*If there is interest, classes will continue through November*

November 5th – Parker’s Back

November 12th – Everything that Rises Must Converge

November 19th – Geranium, and Judgment Day


Themes in Revelation

A. Pharisaical Self-righteousness

B. Racism, whites and blacks; and Classism, white trash and well to do

C. Self-awareness, the revelation of how God sees us

D. Purgation of our virtues as well as our vices



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