Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back to blogging!

After a two year hiatus, we have determined it is well past time to return to blogging. Though it is true that the life of a parish priest is quite busy, yet the greatest priest-saints, who were far busier than we, never failed to dedicate much time to catechetical instruction and popular writing.
Indeed, the Angelic Doctor also, in his final assignment wherein he was entrusted with the pastoral care of souls, did not disdain to give popular conferences not in Latin but in the Neapolitan dialect of the people.
Therefore, we too intend to dedicate our time and energy in this blog not only to popular catechesis for the edification of the faithful, but also to pastoral reflection for the benefit of our brother priests who labor tirelessly for the salvation of souls in their ministry.

The method which will be adopted in this blog is as follows: Early on each week, there will be an article related to the following Sunday and offered as a certain preparation for priests in their duty as preachers. Additionally, we will generally offer two short articles each week either on a saint from the week or on a topic. Finally, we will also post a number of our homilies both from daily and Sunday Masses.


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