Monday, August 18, 2014

Sunday Sermon, August 17: When adult children leave the Church

On praying for our children.
Why a Catholic parent must not attend the invalid marriage of a child outside the Church.
Why a parent must not force a Catholic marriage on his children.
Why a Catholic grandparent should not force a catholic baptism on his grandchildren.

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Leo said...

Father, hope all is well. After hearing your homily, I have a question about baptism. A few years ago I witnessed the infant baptism of a relative. One of the godparents chosen for the child was a Catholic who had left the Church at a young age (after receiving the sacraments of initiation) and who has been attending an evangelical Protestant denomination for over 15 years. Since the child's baptism, the godparent takes the child to the religious services at her evangelical denomination (She never came back to the Church and has not gone to confession). Does the Church allow such a Catholic to become a godparent? If the parish knew about her status, did they sin in allowing her to become a godparent? If she did not tell them that she left the Church, did she commit a sin? If the Church allows it, why is it ok? If it is not ok, how can I best address this issue with my family so this situation does not happen again?

God bless,

Father Ryan Erlenbush said...

A godparent must be a practicing catholic who will assist the parents in raising the child in the faith. Clearly, this person does not meet that criterion and should not have been allowed to be a godparent.
On the other hand, the new rite requires only one godparent (only one practicing catholic), while another can stand as a "witness".

As far as sin: Clearly the ex-catholic is sinning by taking the child to a protestant church (especially because she swore before God that she would help to raise the kid catholic), the parents are likewise guilty of sin, perhaps the priest was negligent also in the baptismal preparation.

What do you do now? I'd speak to the parents and try to gently encourage them to take the kid to church. Also, you can send the child good saint-books (for young kids, I like the $1.50 ones from Seton Homeschool; for kids 7 and up, I like the Vision Books published by Ignatius press).

And always pray. +

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